Susette Kok

Born in Hilversum, Netherlands in 1967, Susette Kok is the fourth generation born in a family of photographers. She learned her photographic skills at an early age in her father's studio.

She has a Master's degree in Communication and International Relations from the University of Amsterdam. While getting her degree, she also took several courses and workshops on photography at Amsterdam's Fine Arts Centre. Under her family's influence she specialized in portraits and later branched into documentary photography with a strong emphasis on the human face.

She worked at several publicity agencies in different countries, including The Netherlands, Singapore, Moscow and the United States (New York) before settling in Montevideo, Uruguay in 2002.

One year later she decided to return to her roots and devoted herself 100% to photography. After three years as an independent photographer for a variety of clients in the areas of fashion, design and portraits, she chose to dedicate herself to her passion and approach her personal photographic projects in greater depth, strongly focusing on anthropological and social issues.

In 2004 she created The Visionair Foundation, a non-profit organization that uses image as its vehicle. Through photography, Visionair shines a light on those aspects of society that are hidden in plain sight, and acts like a tool to enhance and strengthen our sense of humanity. All of the photography projects carried out by the Foundation are aimed at raising awareness of social problems, as well as raising funds to improve the quality of life of the people involved.