Encounter of works of love

We relate to other people in many ways. Personal and direct contact certainly dominates our relationships with the people we love but if we limit ourselves only to people we are emotionally attached to, we might be missing great richness. At the same time,we can really only get to know a limited number of people personally.

Art allows us to expand our circle. These portraits and interviews introduce us to the essence of these women. We can sense the love conveyed by the artist through image and words. Susette Kok is committed to uncovering deep and powerful meaning. This is the first time the artist has included interviews in her work. These interviews took place moments before each photography session and, as she says, they not only tell life stories but were catalytic to revealing each unique identity. The sessions were brief, ten photographs at most, which proves that this method leads us, unerringly, to the essence of each person.

Transferring emotion from these women to the artist and from the artist to the public is a powerful tool for social inclusion and acceptance of diversity. We usually relate to people who resemble us, who are familiar to us, who we like.

Through this work we may learn to appreciate the value of diversity, to enjoy differences and not simply tolerate them; not only through emotional transference but from the impact of the aesthetic: the art of capturing beauty and using the visual image as a tool of seduction. Because, although in many of these portraits we can sense the drama and conflict, pain and suffering, what prevails is a shared life force that becomes contagious.

This is how we gain a feeling of empathy enabling us to expand our circle to embrace these women, all women and humanity as a whole, in this encounter of labors of love.

Santiago Tavella